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At JCU AMERICA we are committed to offering products, equipment and services of the highest quality in electroplating that meet the needs of our customers, this we achieved:

Maintaining high efficiency of all our processes.
Achieving continuous improvement throughout the organization.
Maintaining state-of-the-art equipment.
Counting on a constant organizational development.
Guaranteeing security in the existence of our inventories.
Providing fair prices through cost reduction programs without sacrificing quality. That allows us to ensure the positioning of JCU America as market leaders.


We are a company focused on the production and commercialization of electroplating products, processes and equipment with cutting edge technology, satisfying the needs of industries such as automotive, metal-mechanic, electronics, aeronautics and jewelery.

To become the main supplier of plastic chrome plating processes at the national level and number one for the Japanese automotive industry in Mexico.
Diversify the products manufactured by the organization, achieving commercial alliances that complement a customer service package in order to serve a greater number of markets.
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